Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bg/ish: "I'm from the Old School. I believe this..."

There was a time when I expected to be filling this blog with posts about my beloved San Francisco 49ers. Had a catchy tag line and err'thang. Had a logo in the works. Go 'head wif yo bad self. Never happened. Just too depressing a situation. "Can't do it!"

Then, on September 2nd of this year, I posted the following on this blog...

"Speaking of these so-called "49ers", let's all give thanks for the final year of the Mike Nolan Era. Really, it was fun Mike, but thanks for coming. Don't get me wrong, I loved your resume, your defensive pedigree, and the suits were a class touch. However, it seems you're supposed to be winning football games and well when it comes to that you just don't seem to have any freakin' clue. Now go, good riddance."

Harsh words? Perhaps.

Then, on October 21 of this year, the 49ers sent Nolan packing, officially ending the Mike Nolan Era, whose demise I'd clearly predicted several weeks before. But this isn't about me. No, it's about what followed...

The Mike Singletary Era.

I choose to write about it now because, much like the lifespan of a monarch butterfly, it should be over in a matter of weeks. It may be inept and painful to watch, but hey, at least it hasn't been boring!

Already "coach" Singletary has benched the starting quarterback, sent a player (Vernon Davis) to the showers during a game, dropped trou at half-time during a "motivational" speech to his players, and managed the clock at the end of a game so poorly he makes Art Shell and Andy Reid jealous. Oh and he's also given us some utterly strange press conferences...

At any rate, I'm pretty much disgusted with the current state of this team, so this will probably be the last time I write about it until the Mike Singletary Era officially ends. Anybody have Bill Cowher's cell number?

Oh and as for this Vernon Davis clown...


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