Thursday, July 01, 2010

chair: no more shmoke

i have this habit of announcing everything i'm about to do like it's a big deal. borderline narcissism disorder.

so are you ready? this one is good. i quit smoking cigs! and i'm recruiting everyone!

there are a million reasons: i'm getting old and the signs of smoking are showing in my skin, i can cross it off my lengthy list of vices, and frankly there is no point. i picked up smoking socially...i don't know when. and i was a very spoiled smoker--i had special cigarettes shipped to me monthly from japan so i was never without the tasty citrus mentholy goodness that was a lucia. i loved the act of smoking while driving, smoking while chatting, smoking while laying down, smoking to enhance other substances, even sometimes sharing a cig was nice.

but i don't think i was ever dependent on them. it's been two weeks and i've had two. the most difficult times are when i'm stressed and just want to sit on a bench and have a puff. drinking or being around other smokers doesn't really bother me, so i guess that's good.

so if you're interested, please join me. quit gradually, have an occasional cig, whatever. if you're looking for a high, the one that comes with knowing you've liberated yourself from a dirty habit is quite nice, too.

i'm still drinking like a mofo though so i don't know. don't listen to me. haha

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