Tuesday, September 14, 2010

agIsh: Yet another iPad review...

My desktop has paid its dues and is hinting that it wants to be put into the nursing home. Fortunately, I've always wanted a Linux machine in the house. Unfortunately, the desktop was already stripped down for use by my non-tech-savvy dad and Linux is going to blow his mind. So, I bought an iPad. Sure, it's mildly expensive but it's easy as dirt to use and I felt it was the best solution for my dad.

In my opinion, the birth of the iPad was absolutely necessary. After all, someone's gotta take the first step, fall flat on their face, so that the rest can learn what not to do. On the scale of usefulness, I'd rate the iPad a 2 (the Netflix and Star Walk apps each get a point). Another blog criticized the iPad as being a pure consumer of content rather than a producer of content and I couldn't agree more. You can read blogs, you can view [non-flash] video clips, you can listen to music, and you can read blogs...oh, and you can view video clips. Beyond that, though, the power of the iPad limits the user to updating blogs.

It's been said that the power of the iPad is in its apps and that the right app will make the iPad the machine to have. But how much can you really do with a machine that doesn't support Flash, doesn't have USB ports, and whose processor is capped at 1Ghz? 1GHz? That's like announcing the exclusive Ferrari with a Camry V6 engine (I love my Camry, by the way...thank you for asking). Even with the little that it does, I'm seeing how slow it can be (oh, forgot that multitasking isn't supported natively).

All that said, it's a slick ass machine and very fun to play with. If your needs don't extend beyond internet browsing, YouTubing, and other useless shit, the iPad is absolutely the best option for you. However, even the serious blogger should cross the iPad off their list and consider something like a netbook.

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dw.bg said...

All of my Internet needs equate to "useless shit"... let's be real...