Thursday, May 21, 2009

bg/ish: Sunday + Party = Vagina

from my AIM how's ----- doing? haven't talked to that fool in a while

jtf: he's doing good actually
jtf: he's coming over in a few hours
jtf: he did the funniest drunk shit on sunday
jtf: like
jtf: after everyone started leaving around 11
jtf: he started talking about "going out getting vagina"
jtf: and "there's gotta be a crazy party cause it's sunday night!"
jtf: and I was like "'s sunday....NO bars! you're drunk!"
jtf: and he's like "no i'm not! I'll drive to the bar...give me your keys.." "" "yes!" "no" "yes!" NO! YOU'RE TOO DRUNK" "'re right"
jtf: then he keeps talking about vagina and bars while he's drifting away on the couch
jtf: then he starts snoring..and i tell everyone that i was impressed by how long ----- lasted that night...and literally 5 seconds later he wakes up runs outside and starts puking in the bushes
jtf: so funny hahaha

jtf: then he comes in exhausted and sits on the couch...starts talking and he's pointing his finger with his arm straight at me and falls asleep with his arm out
jtf: and it slowly drops over a minute or two period
jtf: then 10 min later....crawling up the stairs...dry heaving so rugged... and so -----!

jtf: yes!
jtf: so -----
jtf: classic

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