Wednesday, December 09, 2009

agIsh: Robert Fisk - Obama is a Disaster

What's worse than lost hope? False hope.

I don't necessarily have beef against President Obama. I mean, I've never met the man, how can I hate him? But, as we like to say around The Pub, "the hype is too mudge!"


2 comments: said...

To be fair to your boy Obama, I think the key to this clip is the fact that, as he says, Obama "cannot change the way in which power works in Washington". This is the fate of any politician. This is why we need REVOLUTION. Alas, Afghanistan is a quagmire, it will be a disaster.

Unfortunately, Obama sits in the seat of power of the world's most ruthless, deceitful, and ambitious empire. Now go shopping at the mall, watch Jersey Shores, and shut up. Well, that's all that's expected of the majority of this populace.

False hope is indeed a terrible thing. Obama's is just the latest flavor...

nv@ag said...

Yeah, definitely. Everything's already in place, everything's been planned. I don't remember where I heard this but shit today was set in motion 5, 10 years ago. Nothing's going to change. It's going to go how they want it to go.

Maybe it is time for a good ol' fashioned revolution.