Tuesday, July 29, 2008

agIsh: Take me now God! I'm ready!

At 11:42am California time (the only time that really matters) an earthquake weighing in at 5.8 hit 3 miles west of Chino Hills (hills that are full of chinese people, apparently) and the resultant shake, rattle, and roll were quite exhilerating.

They're in the process of demolishing a building next to the one I'm in and small tremors are expected from time to time. The initial shake was ignored. The rattle made us pause. The roll was interesting. I'm in my lab so the first thing that crossed my mind was "If any of the these chemicals fall on me...I will have superpowers!" No luck. I'm still me...average me. :(

Look away! Pity me not!

Well, Comic-Con was interesting as it always is. However, that article will follow at another time. I'm far too lazy to do anything about that right now.


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