Thursday, July 24, 2008

bg/ish: It's Always Fun in the Beginning

Like young lovers maddened with the lust of a new relationship, the posts to this blog, aka bg/ag publishing, are coming at a furious rate. It's to be expected.

ag warmed it up with tales of old age. The man speaks of a bad back and a bum knee, but I've seen him run wild through the streets of downtown San Diego with a wild hair up his ass and an angry bone to pick with any fanboy unfortunate enough to cross his path. He has the agility of mountain cat the lust for blood to match. Do not take him lightly.

* * * * * * * *

As the youth say, it's good to be back. I admit that I had not foreseen a revival of our old ways, but ag got an itch that only a speedy return to the Interweb could scratch and so here we are. I dismantled my extensive blog that was hosted on this space prior and walked the company line.

Actually what I had been doing amounted to nothing more than a pile of pants. Literally, I was doing laundry.

* * * * * * * * *

It would be neglectful of me not to mention the latest addition to the bg/ag family, Chewbacca. Named, not for the Star Wars character, but for the lucratively successful "Chewbacca Defense" legal tactic employed by Johnny Cochran, she is an 11 week old terror from the planet Kashyyyk.

She will size you up for a few moments and then pounce on you like the villain you are. She will show no remorse as she squats to piss or shit on your hard wood floors. She will glare at you menacingly as she chews on your shoelace. She keeps the wild hours of a speed freak and her beard is a sure sign she is destined for greatness in the arts of Shaolin Kung-Fu.

I would tell you more if I didn't fear her wrath...

* * * * * * *

Comic-Con 2008 is rapidly approaching and I fear something about the plan ag is hatching is amiss. My usual accommodation requests have not been met, I've been placed in the care of a driver named Sanchez who is known to frequent out of the way hotels in places like National City. He's been tailing me for 3 days and yet he's not scheduled to pick me up until tonight at midnight. I plan on shaking his cover tonight under the cover of darkness. The treachery of ag is afoot!

I must be at Comic-Con the gods and ag be damned!

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