Thursday, December 11, 2008

bg/ish: back among the living

it's been an interesting week. i'm pretty sure i started a post exactly the same way last week. oh well, this is a blog after all, can't put too much thought into swanky intros and pored over discourse. but i digress...

so i spent some time among the undead for a few days. at least that's certainly how i felt, and to some extent, how i currently look. i'd like to give a big shout out to Darla's Shitbox, er, Restaurant here in San Francisco for striking me down with the black death. i ate there this last sunday night and got a side order of food poisoning along with my triple cheeseburger. go figure.

food poisoning, apparently, is one of those conditions you may vastly underestimate the ruggedness of until it wines you, dines you, takes your pants off and goes all Zed from Pulp Fiction on your ass.

so today is really my first day back to eating solid food and moving amongst the living as if i were one of them. fools! do they not know that i feed only on the broth of chickens! muahahaha!

at any rate, i'm sure i browsed the web whilst in my zombie like state and saw some things worth passing along, but really, when your body is preoccupied with something as trivial as say, surviving the night, well, your "Internet Cool" filter becomes untrustworthy and at best an afterthought. so all the momentum i felt i'd built with last week's posts quickly ground to a halt and my bg/ag pub voice fell silent.

oh well, at least ag took a break from writing his book, "The Ways of Us Gays", long enough to drop some knowledge on the blog in that special way that only he can. relax, it's been too long since i've spewed any hate in ag's direction and really it's just my way of saying, "i miss ag/ish and you do too!" so there.

* * * * *

i find myself in these situations sometimes where you take a lease out on a friendship with someone only to find that what you thought was a handshake agreement becomes riddled with paperwork and conditions. wait, i'm losing myself here. what i'm trying to say is, people who only want to be your friend on their conditions and expectations kind of suck. it's when you fail to meet one of these conditions, these same childish folks then love to try and push your buttons in ways (passive-aggressive or not) that invite a response. but the response is really all they want.

it's laughable. seriously, it's motherfucking laughable.

it's also stupid and self-centered. it's like writing in your blog that you hate someone because they didn't show up to a party, or texting someone at 3 in the morning when you're shitty drunk. i'm pretty sure my boys AM said it best...

"And you can pour your heart out around three o'clock
When the 2 for 1's undone the writers block"

but hey, this is san francisco. and along with the high rent, the hipsters and the gays, you just gotta put up with the kids who have only recently left home for the first time and hit the ground running in a frenzy. eventually they will all tire themselves out.

(also, i'm only kidding about having to "put up with the gays". Prop 8 denies human rights!)

* * * * *

while i'm on the subject of beef, and i smell it cooking, i'd like to once again thank Darla's Restaurant here in san francisco for their triple cheeseburger of death and plague.


i had a whole other rant to go into regarding an entirely unrelated and yet totally related situation but the truth is i'm just not in the mood anymore.

it feels good to be getting back to full health, and with a renewal of body can come a renewal of mind so i'm just going to go to my happy place and get rested up for what should be a nice friday and a relaxing weekend. we'll try and dig up some "fridayish" vids or links or something tomorrow to get the mind right.

until then...

as usual, bg loves you and hates you just the same

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