Friday, December 12, 2008

bg/ish: "swimming in copper to smell and pretend like a robot!"

well, this friday turned out to be a little more hectic than i was hoping for as far as work is concerned, but really with the economy quickly morphing into an outhouse it's hard to complain about having work and getting paid, so i won't.

apparently something in my brain has instructed my body to consume as much caffeine as humanly possible in one day, perhaps to get myself back to my pre-food poisoning levels. i can't explain why else i've been sucking down Coke's today like it's nobody's business. i'd better stop immediately or i'll be awake until sunday.

at any rate, it's friday and so as promised i'm just going to drop a few links on you and disappear for the weekend. there's just one more thing though...

* * * * *

another fantasy football season has come and gone for me. well, technically, it's the second round of the playoffs, but as usual, my team has already "gone fishin", or in other words, i am suffering through the humiliation of yet another losing season. didn't even make the playoffs...

PLAYOFFS?!?! Don't talk about... PLAYOFFS?!?!?! You kiddin' me?!?!? PLAYOFFS?!?

so, here's a quick rundown of my fantasy football exploits over the years:


2008 - SF F.C. (5-8-0)
2006 - Planet Express (5-9-0)
2003 - Diabolica Invenzione (2-13-0)
2002 - Conquering Fools (5-9-0)
2001 - Tripping Billies (3-11-0)

thank the football gods that the equally as humiliating stats from 2000 are unavailable through Yahoo! anymore. as it stands, we're looking at a combined record of 20-50-0. i clearly lack a winning formula. in fact, the hiatus between 2003 and 2006 was strictly due to the sheer demoralization caused by the 2003 season. (although i did play an league in 2004 and did quite well, no records exist of this so i cannot prove it.)

so ya, this season started with a lot of promise, 2 huge wins, and a false sense of accomplishment. now it's in the toilet along with our economy, my dignity and a host of other parasites and bacterial matter i've violently ejected from my body in recent days. meh.

my brother's team in the same league is still alive though, so i guess i'll be pulling for him to take it from those other chumps.

* * * * *

read about this group recently, Los Campesinos!, picked up their albums, and am finding them to be brilliant. well the first album at least. i haven't delved into the latest one yet.

so here's my YouTube link for the weekend... do with it what you will.

Death to Los Campesinos!

* * * * *

also, i wanted to pass along this game i read about on this week. it's called Minotaur China Shop, and seriously, if the name alone doesn't make you want to play, then what will? this screen cap perhaps?

* * * * *

alright kiddies, that's all i've got in me for today. have a safe weekend.

as usual, bg loves you and hates you just the same.

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