Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bg/ish: Weekend Recap - Flying Lotus, KODE9, The Bug @ Mighty

welcome back kiddies...

it's been a pretty hectic month of April so far for me. i swear 2009 is flying by so fast i can barely keep up. lots of ins, lots of outs, and a lot of what have yous... at any rate, i finally got out to club Mighty this weekend and took in a pretty fresh DJ set from the likes of Flying Lotus, KODE9, and The Bug.

up first was The Bug, and although his "futuristic" mixing techniques got a little bit tiresome, his set was banging from start to finish. "working your core like a bunch of situps!" he worked the crowd into a mild frenzy and then killed us all with a Poison Dart... so sick. seriously, this track fucking kills!

up after The Bug was KODE9, founder of Hyperdub Records, and one of the illest dubstep DJs out. he spun some straightforward, heavy, dirty dubstep beats. you could feel it in your chest. ya boy! you can check him out on MySpace here.

Headlining the show was Flying Lotus, producer, California native and member of the extended Coltrane family. his set was mindblowing in all honesty. i can't really find any live footage that does it justice, but this video from late last year gives you a good idea of his style and technique. "it's... magnificent."

in the end it was a sick night of dancing to some deep dubstep grooves, and it barely managed to justify the $20 cover charge. hah. i'm still a cheap bastard.


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