Friday, June 05, 2009

bg/ish: "I did do the nasty in the past-y."

While working on the new banner for the blog today I initially pulled the year 2003 out of my head for the tagline. After discussions with ag, we realized that we had been working on some form of the bg/ag publishing site long before that. I think that year stuck out in my head as possibly when we first bought the domain,

Turns out, through researching years of e-mail correspondance, we were working on Tha Pub as early as 1999. Thus the corrected tagline.

Our e-mail digging also led me to find two of our earliest site banners. This one, I don't recall ever going live, but it was a nice idea we were working with back when, as ag put it, we were "really into subtlety."

Also found the following one, which as far as we were concerned, made our early site the shit! Ironically, we had no idea we'd used the Castro Theater marquee for our splash page antics, thus giving our non-existent readers the impression that we were degenerate homosexuals.

In another instance of irony, I realized today while shoddily crafting our current banner, that there used to be a time when we refused to show our faces on the site at all. But as you can see, years of your boy bg lusting for self-promotion have finally led us to our current sorry state. Clearly though, at one point, we considered head shots for our articles. I stumbled across these lovely nuggets that were fully intended for use on our site.

ag had hair and your boy bg had a thug style so clearly something in the world was amiss!

Digging yet deeper, ag sent along one of my favorite pics from the earlier era. Seen here is your boy bg at the the former bg/ish offices.

For those of you who don't know, ag has a knack for sneaking into people's photographs. I found this one that he sent me several years back.

It was a hilarious reminder that only recently, he sent me, what may very well be considered his best work ever. Or at least until he gets his cock in someone's shot.

Long live Tha Pub!


chair said...

lmao @ ag.

nv@ag said...

cock shot? ridiculous! besides, you wouldn't be able to see anything anyway... :'(