Saturday, July 11, 2009

agIsh: Flava In Ya Ear

I already sent this to bg and chair now I must share it with the rest of the world. Daniel Merriweather's Love & War drops in October. Chegg.



Duyu Nohu said...

im diggin this
especially on this hot day
can't wait to get a PBR in hand and hear said...

"Look at what I've become
Thought that I was everything you dreamed of
But you were dreamin of getting out
And now i can't get my ass off the couch.

Nicotine and alcohol, anything to fill the hole,
Cos it's all too much.
There's nothing i can talk about
Of course i'm gonna shut you out.
I can hardly blame you cos you got me stuck yeah yeah."

I can relate to that shit...