Thursday, November 26, 2009

agIsh: *rubs eyes* What time is it...

I think I accidentally set my time circuits to 1992 and drove faster that 88 mph. A much older Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph (short for 'dolphin' according to bg) Lundgren reunite once again to kick each others' asses.

This is coming out on January 5, 2010 straight to DVD (only because there's no rating system in place to properly indicate how badass this movie is going to be).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Little known half Russian, half Chinese prop guy and stand-in Dolph Lu was mistakenly credited in the rough cut of the trailer leading to infighting, legal threats, and at least one crew member to proclaim, "Dolph Lundren? I thought that was an animatronic Rutger Hauer!"

Duyu Nohu said...

there is a Jesus