Monday, November 30, 2009

bg/ish: Because Typing Is A Bitch...

You won't be seeing a lot from me in the weeks to come. Sure, I'll probably post some videos and links, but nothing that requires me to type more than a few lines. Yes, I "only" suffered a broken bone in my wrist in my recent accident, but the treatment far outweighs the tiny little bone that fractured...

* Editor's note: bg's extreme vanity prevented us from running an unedited photo of him in his injured state.

Although it may seem like treating a headache with a lobotomy, I have been assured by the finest doctors Kaiser can offer that the complete immobilization of my arm is the best way to ensure proper healing. Of course they could just be fucking with me.

At any rate, I've already said too much. I'll leave you with the following video, which should serve to make you smile, and at the very least exposes my soft underbelly...

via boing boing

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nv@ag said...

"ah, i can't make it tonight guys...i'm busy."
"what do you mean? we've been planning this for weeks!"
"i know, i know...i was looking forward to the boozing and bush in my face...but something came up."
"like what?"
"this guy came in, broke his wrist and i gotta put small cast on it. it's gonna take all night. it's gonna be a bitch."
"what? just put a whole-arm cast on him and be done with it!"
"oh yeah! i guess i'll be seeing my girl Bambi tonight after all!"
*high fives all around the room*