Wednesday, August 26, 2009

agIsh: "The Jerk Store called..."

...and they said they're running out of the guys at Sony Computer Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios.

The 120GB PS3 Slim is out this Thursday while Batman: Arkham Asylum came out today. At a time when I really shouldn't be buying anything else, I'm seriously considering dropping cash for these two lovely items. Anyone who knows me knows I'll do anything for Batman.


Yes, even that.




Duyu Nohu said...

what would youuuuuu do for a Batman Bar?

btw, it's 10:02am on Thursday.

stores open at 9am
driving time of 12 minutes
browsing of 6
stop to get bagel and coffee - 7 min

sooo... how have the last 35 minutes of Arkham Asylum been?

Duyu Nohu said...

the 2 minute buffer was the ps3 loading time :)

nv@ag said...

i haven't bought it yet. i just recently dropped cash on a whole new arsenal (archery equipment) so i'm more hesitant to buy than usual.

"You ever suck dick for a PS3?"
"No, can't say that I have."
"Didn't think so..."
"Boo this man!"

i did download the PC version, however. 2 gigs and 7 hours later, i was barely playing Arkham computer just barely handles it. the choice is clear: $300 for a PS3 > $1000 for a new PC.