Monday, January 04, 2010

agIsh: facebook? more like stupidbook.

fuck, i hate facebook. yes, i have an account. this begs the question: "why do you have a facebook account then?"

i joined sometime last year because i thought it would be a good communication tool for a club i'm in. i heard that facebook was myspace but for an older, more mature crowd. sounded promising so i signed up.

turns out that "older, more mature" apparently means "whines louder than teenagers". while teenagers think all their problems matter and are important and are thus whine-worthy, older folks really think all their problems matter and are important and are thus really whine-worthy. so instead of getting something like "my parents suck" you get something like "turning my room into an office" or "i hate filling out medical forms" - really inane shit.

i shared this with bg already. my friend posted on his wall (that's what they call a profile page): "i cant do anything right." not really feeling his whiney vibe, i replied "you forgot an apostrophe. it's supposed to be 'can't'." fuck him and all who post like him!

facebook is not to used for therapy. in fact, none of this virtual space called the internet should be used for therapeutic reasons. it's generally agreed by people who are not stupid that facebook now caters to the voyeurs and the attention whores. and again, the internet seems to be going that way. The Pub might be a little guilty of that, but i know for a fact that we don't take ourselves seriously. it's all fun and games here, man (unless the Interns require other tactics to get them in line).

i don't know where i'm going with this anymore. i stopped thinking about this article for a second and now i've lost my train of thought. as with all things...'meh'.


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Facebook, like any other form of online interactive social media, I believe, is a tool, and being such, it's influence on your life largely depends on how you use it.

Personally, I've avoided it for the same reasons I avoided myspace, I simply don't want people searching for me and then having an easy path to access. Yes, I'm fucking egomaniacal, everybody wants a piece of me! I even just made up that fucking word. What?!?

Of course, beyond my initial reasons for resistance, there are issues of privacy when it comes to corporate interests and how much of your life you are willing to expose to the Internet.

I've felt brief and fleeting urges to submit to the Facebook, some of my family and closest friends are on there, but up until now, I've resisted.

This absolutely makes me a better person than all you skeevy fucks who suckle at the saggy tit of that fucking disgusting mistress....

Nah I kid, I kid...

That article is really interesting, but really, just reinforces the fact that Facebook is simply a tool, a means to an end. After all, if you want to cheat on your spouse, you're gonna do it regardless. I suppose Facebook makes it easier though.

Well ag, much like you, I've lost focus and can no longer discuss this subject with any coherence....

"Meh" indeed.

nv@ag said...

yeah, the internet is definitely and interesting place. like alcohol, it seems to be the inhibitor of inhibitions. one day, when i'm not wasting my time on YouTube, i'll have to look up studies that investigate 'internet as a mirror of life' or 'your avatar: your true self' or some ish like that.

man, how effed up do you think the world would be if the internet had been around around 50 or 100 years earlier? whew...mind eff! said...

well, what you really should be asking is how effed up do you think the world will be 50 or 100 years from now...

and what role exactly will technology play in that?

I found an interesting blog recently, The Technium, and in fact I've been meaning to add it to our blog roll. I'll do that right after I finish this comment.

The author believes in the need to advance technology, however, also explores the beliefs of those that feel the need to reduce technology. I'll copy here a brief summary of some of the arguments against technology...

Contrary to Nature:
Technology is in opposition to nature. It is produced at the expense of nature because it destroys ecological habitats.

Contrary to Humans:
Technology erodes human character. It separates us from nature, which diminishes our natural self. Out of touch with nature, we behave selfishly, stupidly. We become consumers instead of receivers. We become artificial. At the extreme we behave like machines. Technology makes us greedy, unhappy, impatient, insensitive and full of hubris.

Contrary to Technology Itself:
Technology proceeds so fast it is going to self-destruct. It is no longer regulated by nature, or humans, and cannot control itself.

Contrary to God:
Technology has all the hallmarks of an evil force. The worst injuries to ourselves and our species come at the hand of technology: atomic bombs, guns everywhere, toxins in water, mind drugs, dams that fail, marketplace bombs, persistent radiation, automobile crashes – not to mention the technologies of war...

You can read the entire post here:

I'd recommend checking out the blog as it's very interesting. said...

Not sure why the link to that post didn't pan out...


nv@ag said...

ah, that's good stuff.

you're right, the internet isn't inherently good or bad; it's just a tool. tools do have a tendency to make things happen faster though.

i guess the real question, then, is: is the internet/technology going to make us (humankind) achieve greatness faster or is it going to make us implode faster? i think the core question - whether we're inherently good or evil - is the principle question of philosophy.

let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

wanna go halves on a bomb shelter?