Wednesday, January 06, 2010

bg/ish: Culture Clash

Last week a friend of mine who happens to be from Taiwan forwarded me an e-mail that, well, quite frankly, was highly offensive. For me to say that, you know it was some shit.

The subject and body of the e-mail were in Chinese characters, so I essentially opened it blindly. What I found in the body of the email were photo attachments showing some Chinese people preparing and then eating a human fetus, approximately 6-7 months old.

Apparently, the purpose of the email was to expose the practice of eating unborn children and condemn it and blah blah blah IT WAS A FUCKING HUMAN FETUS BEING EATEN IN SOUP!


At any rate, worry not, none of those filthy images will be reproduced on this site.

My initial reaction was to IM the person who sent me the e-mail with the mandantory, "Um, what the FUCK was that?!?" Of course, none of their explanations or justifications were in any way socially acceptable. At least not to me. I mean, I was raised in the US, and you know the old adage about "two things you never talk about, politics and religion"...

..well, you could probably expand that to "three things you never talk about" and add ABORTION to that list, because in my experience, people aren't really comfortable talking about abortions, let alone talking about eating an unborn human fetus...

...let alone forwarding pictures of some mad Chinese people PREPARING AND EATING A HUMAN FETUS!

(Unless of course it's that South Park episode about stem cell research, where Cartman starts dealing in fetuses, and Christopher Reeves eats them like fucking melons... yeah, that shit was HILARIOUS. But I digress...)

So y'know, I just chalked it up to culture clash, Taiwanese rage against Chinese, or whatever. I saw the pictures, I was disgusted, I moved on.


Today when looking through Google Labs applications I came across a translator that integrates directly with GMail. So, I guess my whole point is that, I went back and translated that email. For me, hilarity ensued...

Here is the text of that e-mail, courtesy of Google translator:

Look at my mouthful acidic water, it's horrible! How some people have the heart to do such a cruel thing is clear that they do not understand the so-called bad mood cause of severe, or prefer to find mistresses, they must refuse to brutal killing of innocent young lives ah!

Apart from making money whether the loss of humanity? Human has been reduced to Makai?

Let us look at some forward post. Severe punishment of those animals. Health. Must let the top know that in China there is such a thing!!!!!!! Tears. Pray for those innocent babies. At the same time curse. Curse those damn animals. Health eternity shall not be condemned to hell do not, fall into the seamless way. Prison!!!!!!! If there is a conscience, please forward.

Dongguan, where people are eating. People, "baby. Child soup" on the table, utterly devoid of conscience! ! See there is no human animals. Health.

Actually... this isn't very funny at all. Kind of stupid really.

Fucking aye...


nv@ag said...

Fear not, my friend! I do believe the Taiwanese are not savages and brutes (not in the case anyway) who feast on fetuses .

I turned to my trust friend Snopes and found this article:

It's on the internet so it must be true, right?

Oh wait...

Well, one negates the other, which at the very least, casts doubt and gives us the possibility that it's a hoax. said...


There were several pictures related to the e-mail. The one of the dude actually eating the baby (duck / horse cock / McRib) or whatever it was does look similar to the one in the snopes article you linked me. So perhaps it is a hoax.

I'd actually considered this upon first seeing the article, and would gladly take it as a hoax.

Still... the point remains... These crazy Taiwanese / Chinese fools sending around this nonsense just reinforces the differences in what is culturally acceptable.

Time for a joke, yes?

A child asks his mother, "Is it true babies come from storks?"

"Why yes," says the mom.

"Do storks ever have abortions?" he asks.

The mother stops and laughs and then says, "Yes, but only the poor black ones."

nv@ag said...


"You're what the Spanish call 'El Terrible'."

nv@ag said...

i wanted to post this and this is the best place for it:

Elmo: [giggles] **** you baby!