Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bg/ish: Transformers Franchise Continues to Piss on ag's Childhood Memories... Calls it 'Rain'

I don't think I'd personally ever care to play a Transformers video game, but this looks entirely disappointing, which is saying a lot from someone with zero expectations.


nv@ag said...

You've become a harsh critic my friend. This video gives zero indication about anything other than a lot of ish is gonna get effed up. Chances are it's gonna be ish, but they might surprise us...kinda like Transformers 2.

...oh wait.

dw.bg said...

I'm a harsh critic?

Just listen to the voice over. Listen. Haha.

Perhaps you are too easily pleased!

nv@ag said...

That goes without saying. That's why I'm so happy all the time. You should try lowering your standards sometime; it's good for mental health.