Thursday, September 04, 2008

agIsh: "Lashing Out!" - closing remarks & new Ish!
(Hey, beats my original title of "Lashing Out!" - a rebuttal of a rebuttal of a rebuttal)

That video, when watched with sound muted, is about 50 seconds too long; with sound, it's about 51 seconds too long.

Moving on...

This week has been great. I'll start backwards.

Back to School
Yep, school started up again this week and I'm glad it did. The old summer break routine was wearing thin and seeing young supple skin of undergrads is always welcome. It should be a stress-free semester as I only have one class.

Labor Day
Ironically, Labor Day is known for people not working, but whatever. I had an opportunity to have lunch with my family. We hung out in Redondo Beach and I was surprised to see the huge number of minorities there. I'm not racist or anything; I'm just stating facts. The artificial beach was occupied by shirt-wearing yes, while they were in the water) Hispanics and the restaurant was saturated with either Asians for Phillipinos. It was weird.

And in the mix was Jimmy Kimmel! Yes! The Jimmy Kimmel. I was waiting for the restroom and some girl pointed him out. The conversation went like so:

Girl: Do you know Jimmy Kimmel?
Me: Um...yeah...but not personally.
Girl: I think that's him standing right there. I was listening to his voice.
Me: *looks* Hm...I think you're right. I think that is Jimmy Kimmel.
[The conversation quickly ended as we made passionate love right there on the floor! I never got her name or contact info.]

It's a stupid answer when I think about it, but
I like the "not personally" line a lot. I have no idea why. Jimmy Kimmel looks like an everyday guy and would never stand out in a crowd if no one knew him. At one point I debated whether or not to talk to him but I figured I wouldn't talk to any other strange man...why make an exception for him? So I just walked on by.

A New Love in My Life
I bought a new bow. What? You were expecting me to mention a woman? Yeah, right! I find that inanimate objects respond better to my whimperings and spontaneous bouts of weeping. Anyway, beautiful bow, feels great, and shoots well. By all rights I'm still a novice but do hope to be proficient enough to go hunting.

Yes, I advocate hunting. No, I will not debate moral issues with you.


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