Friday, September 19, 2008

bg/ish: The B-Sides


I dug up old memories
Of our past
The moments in time
That seem unreal to me now
And only serve as stories
Told during late night conversations
Transmitted over telephones
Masked in laughs
Buried under pain

These times are with me
And yet I never lean on them
For support
Or even the slightest
Tug of emotion
In some vain attempt
To feel something real

You are locked away
Somewhere deep
And unexplored
A frightening place
Too dark and scary
For kids to play in
Where anger is the only emotion
That you or I
Have ever felt

Some day I think
And it will be too late
You will be gone forever
And I will never miss you
Until I think of you
When I hear a song
You once claimed
To know

Blame needs
Many shoulders to truly rest
And I have carried
Far too much
On my own
Please take your share
So that I can
Pick myself up

You haunt me
With love that is never
But cannot be broken
Even as teeth gnash
In an effort
To sever it

I am miserable
For you
And cannot stand myself
For it
This persuasion
In my blood
That wont allow me
To ignore
That I…

No more needs to be said
This isn’t that moment
And time slips
And we’re disillusioned
For it
It will be one more day
In the morning

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