Thursday, September 04, 2008

Breaking News! Shouting match erupts at bg/ag publishing Board Meeting!

Typically here at bg/ag publishing we like to keep the behind the scenes goings-ons to ourselves and the interns, especially regarding matters that concern some of ag's nastier habits. However, events at a recent board meeting bear mentioning, since ag's reputation is on the line.

As the following transcript of the meeting clearly shows, ag claims to have traveled into the future to obtain a report for the site. Disgusting.


bg: Say why is your blog about Comic-Con 2009? Did you travel to the future?
ag: I really put 2009? Well, you have executive power! Yeah, i don't recall putting 2008 at all. I mean 2009. Done and done.
bg: even the logo says 2009.
ag: What the f**k? Really?
bg: Crasy. I don't think you went at all!
ag: What year is this?
bg: It's all smoke and mirrors! You photoshopped that logo and I caught you! Hahaha!
ag: That' I didn't even realize. That's crazy
bg: Hahaha!
ag: I think YOU did that!
bg: Never! * unh *
ag: That's why there are so many changes to the blog but no posts! You're trying to dupe me!
bg: Hahaha! You're posting false information about Cons that haven't occurred yet!
ag: You're only making it look that way!
bg: I never uploaded that filthy image!
ag: You're lucky there's no edit time stamp or I'd have you all figured out.
bg: Tell me more about Comic-Con 2009!... Really, I'd like to know all about it!
ag: Why don't you make it up like you made up that banner!
bg: Those are probably copyrighted images you stole from the official Comic-Con website! I have that very pair of shoes in my possession!
ag: And it says "bg/ag publishing" on them? I doubt that sir.
bg: Do you!?! I doubt you attended Comic-Con 2009!!... Sir!
ag: Dont' "sir" me!
bg: I can't tell your lies from your truths anymore... You filthy fool!
ag: Don't sir me!
bg: ha HA! You have nothing to say! I'm removing said post until it can be factually verified...
bg: We'll see if you really traveled to the future and attended Comic-Con 2009... Or if you brewed up a filthy batch of your lies!
ag: Well, I'm removing all evidence of your filthy plot to foil me...THEN we'll see who has the last laugh! ha HA!
bg: Too late! I have screen caps!
ag: No you don't...
bg: Oh don't i?
ag: You don't. I can tell by your use of punctuation.
bg: Oh we'll see about that.
ag: You better not be opening up Photoshop right now!
bg: Too late!
ag: d a m n y o u . . .



* * * * *

We'll have more on this developing story as soon as we officially declare Shenanigans on ag...



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