Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bg/ish: Out In The Streets, They Call It Murder

Some nights, time seems to stand still here in The City. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you're trying to get some sleep while the crackheads who live on the sidewalk outside your bedroom window are up freaking out all night, well, you're in for a long night. I'm not talking about that kind of night at the moment though. I'm talking about the kind of night where you've got a few beers down the hatch, the blunts have left your eyes slanted like ag's, one of your crew passes out muttering something about not being able to "taste my teeth", and you look at your celly and realize it's not quite 10 p.m. You might crack a grin cuz you know you've got a long night ahead...

This last Friday proved to be one of the latter. You won't catch me complaining one bit. Heading down Mission with a makeshift crew five deep in the previously described state, we searched in vain for a cab before finally deciding to lower our standards and jump on the #14 bus heading downtown. To our surprise, it did not smell like piss and it turns out we were the craziest fools on board. One of our cohorts slipped into a mild state of delirium, muttering about "exact change" and finding it incomprehensible that it was only 10 at night. He was from out of town. It's to be expected.

Arriving at Mission and 6th, we debated whether or not to spark up another blunt. Cops weren't much of a concern, but we didn't want a slew of crackheads trying to jump in the cipher. We made our way to Anu, where we were heading to check out some SF Dubstep courtesy of the Grime City DJ crew and Emcee Child. We found an alley adjacent to the venue where there was only a lone crack dealer and lit the blunt. A weed dealer approached us and offered his wares. "No thanks man, we've already got trees."

The cipher complete, we made our way inside. The bouncer had walked away from the door, leaving a couple of cigarette smoking girls to man his post. The blunts had slowed our awareness, and most of the crew promptly showed the girls ID. I found this quite amusing, as the joke was clearly on us. After clearing the door, we had just enough time to get some drinks, and settle in for a long night of sick tunes and phat rhymes.

The video above is just a little taste of the type of ish that Grime City drops. I'd really suggest heading here and downloading this sick mix tape. It's free n's.

After a long night of dancing til sweaty, our crew reunited and found we were plus 2... a strange woman who was a friend of a friend of somebody, and an 8 foot tall stuffed flamingo. Nah I'm not making that up. It was a birthday gift from a crackhead. Not to me, our out-of-towner was celebrating 28 years. Walking down Mission Street at 1:30 a.m. 6 deep looking for a cab with an enormous stuffed flamingo is an arduous task. You might just call it impossible. 3 of us hid behind a bus stop while the other 3 humans and the flamingo jumped in a cab. The remaining lot of us decided to jump on the #14 bus heading back to our hood.

There was a freestyle session already going on in the back of the bus which George, the Puerto Rican in our crew quickly joined. We bounced off the bus at our stop and slid into the corner store. "Firewood and a six pack please!" Time for a late night backyard fire and blunt session. Ah, this was proving to be a good night. Technically, it was early morning, but there was no end in sight. After a few residents of the house joined us around the fire, we debated anything and everything loudly under the dark skies.

At some point I'd decided I'd had enough and jumped on my bike and made it home before the sun came up... but only barely. There is something about these September nights in San Francisco. The temperature is just right, and maybe it has something to do with the fact that we know we won't have too many nights like this, but when you're lucky enough to get caught up in one that feels like it's never going to end, well, you "just go with it" as George would say.

Big Ups! to the Grime City crew... One Love!


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