Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bg/ish: Awesome Older San Francisco Asian Defeats City In Badminton

Oh dear Lord I couldn't wait to retype that headline. It makes me giddy like a school girl! I can't even process it. I mean really?!? Older Asian gentlemen and badminton go together like kibbles and freakin' bits. They will rock you in some badminton. Just ask ag's folks! They don't even require a net! That's some damn skills for your ass!

From the SF Appeal article:

"Meet Ed Leong, a Sunset resident and avid badminton player. Recently, to save money, SF Parks and Recs started charging local badminton players $4 to reserve a court for 45 minutes. Makes sense, right? We're short on money -- in fact, our favorite swimming pool in the Mission was furloughed for the same reason. But.... why was it that the city only charged for badminton players? Why not charge for volleyball courts? Is it because..... badminton is a sport played primarily by Asian-Americans in San Francisco??? Do I see racism here???

Ed Leong was outraged! So what does he do?..."

WHAT DOES HE DO?!? Well, you'll have to read the damn article to find out what he does. I'm not into spoilers.

I fear I may have incurred the wrath of ag. Thank the gods I am out of the range of his bow...

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