Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bg/ish: Math Bus: Tax Season

I'm sure I'd find this video infinitely funnier if I had any preconceived notions of the "Bang Bus" videos it is intended to spoof. Apparently, a few fellows calling themselves the "Bang Brothers" got themselves a van of some sorts and went around luring (paying in advance) young women (porn stars) into their bus where they would film themselves engaging in the most lewd and debased sexual activities.

Sounds awful really. Just awful.

At any rate, I'm sure you'll find this video spoof by the "Math Brothers" equally as unfunny and confusing as I did, being that you are certainly not a filth monger, trolling free porn sites into the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure you're pretty clueless as to what this whole "bus video" trend is all about, being that you've never seen, for example, a pretty young lady being sprayed with jizzums in the back of a moving van.

Of course you haven't...

seen over at laughing squid

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